Graphic Communications at Waltham High School

The Graphic Communications competency list will be posted for you to explore. It is recommended that you review this list often and be certain to inform me if there is a term or a competency that you do not understand, or would like to know more about. My intent with the course is to expose you to as many graphic communications experiences as possible. You will each be allowed to concentrate on an area you find of interest, but it is my strong suggestion that you become masters of each area of the craft.

The list of competencies will be linked to pages supplying more details and examples. You should review all the material supplied and complete any quizzes and tests you encounter. Projects should be handed in to me, and a copy should be included in your portfolio.

Be certain that all documents contain your name, date, and the assignment number.

Assignments and questions will be posted to the discussion section of this site. Visit the discussion page, choose a topic (or use the topic assigned), research the question and post your response for us all to review and discuss.